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Tea Plantation

About Us

The tryst of tea with Mysooru dates back almost two centuries. With Nilgiris gifted to them, the British returned the favour by planting tea on the many slopes of these beautifully verdant hills. With coffee and tea being cultivated in such close proximity, Mysooru state had its pick of beverages. Yet tea won hands down with the royal patronage of Wodeyars inclined towards tea. With such a rich legacy and legend, we bring you the choicest of tea from across the country, introducing to you the elixir from the house of Mysooru Tea Company.


Tea is the beverage of choice for the masses from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Arunachal to Kutch. Tea is what drives India, fuelling the restless dynamic, youthful population in an ancient land. Tea is the very symbol of democracy and people’s power - approachable and affordable for all. Mysooru Tea Company embodies these qualities of the liquid gold that is inextricable from the soul of India.


Tea is a part of our tradition, nay, it is our tradition. In a land that lives by the tenet of Athithi Devo Bhava, the guests are welcome with an entreaty of steaming hot tea, even at the peak of summers. The day starts and ends with tea. Transactions, big and small are moderated over tea. Personal time is best enjoyed with a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. Tea is ever-changing, teaching us tolerance and acceptance too, with recent trends of iced tea endearing itself to the younger generation and health-conscious. 


Tea is as common as it is chic, favoured by the bourgeois as much as the bohemians. Tea fuels art and anger that drives us to action for the betterment of all. Tea is for all.


Mysooru Tea Company recognizes and encapsulates the tradition and undying trend that tea is. 

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