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Types of tea

Flavors of Tea To Satisfy Every Individual Taste

Popular types of tea
Types of tea

There is nothing more refreshing to many than a hot cup of tea to start the day or after a hard day at work, not to count the many sips in between. It is often an emotional bond for people and it doesn’t matter if one is a hardcore tea lover or someone who enjoys this charming drink occasionally. No wonder visitors in most families are often welcomed with a nice cup of tea.

Green tea and black tea are no doubt the most popular in every household due to their range of health benefits but for serious tea drinkers, the sky's the limit. However we will limit our review here on the following five varieties which come from the same plant, ‘Camellia Sinensis’ but each is unique in itself due to the varied method of processing and level of oxidation. Let’s explore these together and understand their various benefits.

Healthy Green Tea
Green Tea

Green tea is proven to be the best in terms of health benefits among all types of tea. Being least oxidized and rich in antioxidant green tea helps the body combat and prevent a range of ailments including different types of cancer such as liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. Green tea is rich in caffeine which helps in the functioning of the brain and also contains the maximum amount of catechins, known as epigallocatechin 3-gallate that prevents cell damage. For fitness freak people green tea greatly helps to counter and reduce belly fat. Green tea is best enjoyed without milk and some even enjoy it also without sugar.

World renowned black tea
Black Tea

Black tea is a favorite of the people who prefer the robust flavor and strong aroma to satisfy their taste buds. It is the highest processed and oxidized variety among all types of tea. Black Tea being rich in polyphenols reduces the incidents of cancer growth and it also contains phytochemicals that help prevent arthritis. People who drink black tea daily are blessed with good oral health as black tea prevents the formation of plaque and bacteria growth, thereby helping the body fight tooth decay and cavities. Black tea is extremely helpful in preventing circulatory disorders and heart problems. If you belong to a family with a history of type 2 diabetes you should take up drinking black tea on a regular basis to reduce the chance of being a diabetic yourself. The hardcore tea addicts who want to feel the taste and aroma of black tea prefer it without the addition of milk or even sweetener, others prefer it with cream of milk to reduce the bitterness for a different but unique experience.

White Tea

White tea, though not as popular as green tea or black tea, is steadily becoming popular among tea lovers because of its very high content of antioxidants and health benefits. It is the least oxidized and less processed tea than other varieties. It is made from very tender buds and leaves plucked before they mature because of which it has a more delicate taste. Drinking white is found to be beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. White tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol in our body and prevents unwanted weight gain. It promotes healthy and youthful skin.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a traditional tea that requires special skills for its production. Daily consumption of Oolong tea increases the body's metabolism and is potent in reducing weight. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, combating digestive problems, and even for preventing hair fall.

Pu’reh tea is the only fermented variety amongst all types of tea. To derive its flavor the tea leaves are fermented and sold in the shape of cakes. The Health Benefits of consuming Pu’reh tea are many. It reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood sugar and prevents diabetes, improves blood circulation, combats liver ailments, decreases chances of cancer, etc.

Amongst all types of tea, Black tea is the most consumed variant in India and the most well-known black tea varieties available in the market are the Assam and Darjeeling tea. But if you wish to explore there are various types available in the market. So why not pick up a box of white tea and explore a new world of taste.

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