Types of tea

Flavors of Tea To Satisfy Every Individual Taste

Popular types of tea
Types of tea

There is nothing more refreshing to many than a hot cup of tea to start the day or after a hard day at work, not to count the many sips in between. It is often an emotional bond for people and it doesn’t matter if one is a hardcore tea lover or someone who enjoys this charming drink occasionally. No wonder visitors in most families are often welcomed with a nice cup of tea.

Green tea and black tea are no doubt the most popular in every household due to their range of health benefits but for serious tea drinkers, the sky's the limit. However we will limit our review here on the following five varieties which come from the same plant, ‘Camellia Sinensis’ but each is unique in itself due to the varied method of processing and level of oxidation. Let’s explore these together and understand their various benefits.