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Teas that come to your rescue in a hangover

We all have a reason to celebrate be it a festival or a special occasion among friends and relatives. Social drinking is always welcome in almost every society on such occasions and you dive in to enjoy a drink or one too many. But the trouble may start when you wake up the next morning still reeling from the intake of the night before with a pounding headache, dry mouth, queasy stomach and your engagement of the day calls for quick relief to reset the body to get going. In such a situation which in common parlance we call ‘hangover’, some variety of tea would come to your immediate relief and you start healing with every sip. When tea is mentioned your thought should not be directed to black tea which usually contains a high amount of caffeine that may make your hangover worse. Besides caffeine being a diuretic, makes your kidneys flush out more water from your body when you need to be hydrating to get over your feeling of hangover. So take care to stick to some of the under-motioned teas that help to restore a healthy feeling and to overcome the hangover.

Green Tea - Green Tea loaded with antioxidants has been proved to have many health benefits. It is a beverage for you to boost your wellness and energy especially after a night of partying and drinking. Researchers believe that a specific amino acid termed ‘L-Theanine’ found in green tea helps calm your brain by increasing the alpha waves created within. Low in caffeine, a pale greenish-yellow cup of green tea not only leaves an earthy refreshing taste in a depth of flavor with every sip that you take but it does a lot of good to your gut to feel energetic again to start the day.

Chamomile Tea - Chamomile is known for calming and relaxing the mind in general and is also found to be a great hangover cure. It effectively works on symptoms of a hangover such as indigestion, headache, and even anxiety caused by the “rebound effect” of alcohol consumption. Chamomile contains the ingredient ‘Apigenin’ which is known to have a calming effect on the mind that helps with anxiety symptoms.

Pure Mint Tea - Mint is beneficial to remove the hangover symptoms that may creep in following a night of drinking. It helps to relieve nausea and improves clarity and concentration of the mind. Mint is a known herb to cure indigestion and helps ease stomach aches. If you happen to get abdominal pain after heavy snacking and drinking, Mint tea on your kitchen shelf would be the sure and quick remedy for such an unpleasant situation.

Saffron Turmeric Tea- Goodness of Turmeric is known for ages especially for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits. Alcohol in the long run is said to have a bad effect on our liver and here Turmeric comes to our rescue as it has a direct effect on the liver cells, encouraging their regeneration and repair. So, make it a practice to sip Saffron Turmeric tea after a night of partying that will not only help you to overcome the hangover but will also safeguard your liver. Saffron Turmeric Tea is not only a zero-caffeine beverage packed with antioxidants that fight stress, regulate heart function but is also great for your taste bud.

An assortment of such useful tea available in the supermarket should always be kept on your kitchen shelf to be handy in times of need.

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