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Tea that relieve you of your Digestive problem

5 Teas That Relieve You Of Abdominal Problems

Abdominal gas or bloating stomach is nothing abnormal, especially after a heavy meal. It is not only a painful experience but embarrassing too especially if you are dining with other guests. In such a situation you would prefer home remedies to overcome their uneasiness without hassle or further embarrassment. Here herbal teas often come to your rescue to give you the much-wanted relief and also to prevent stomach upset. Some of the popular herbal teas for such remedies that you can try are the following.

Cardamom Spiced Tea- Tea brewed with cardamom not only gives you an enhanced taste but also provides you with a unique medicinal effect that is especially beneficial to your stomach. It is said that regular Cardamom spiced tea drinkers have a lesser incidence of chronic stomach ailments and even stomach cancer. So next time be sure to ask your host for this “Elaichi Chah” if you could not resist the extra helping of a delicious meal and you failed to stomach the food served.

Pure Mint Herbal Tea- Mint leaves are well known for their cooling effect and when brewed with Tea it becomes a wonder drink for relieving stomach bloating or stomach pain and also cures you of the feeling of nausea. You can infuse mint leaves with tea to get your herbal tea or you can get the herbal tea bags in the market containing pure mint that you can conveniently prepare to sip to freshen your breath and cool your body down.

Turmeric Ginger Tea- From ancient times Turmeric and Ginger were known to have medicinal properties, highly beneficial to our health. While turmeric protects us from inflammatory conditions in our body, ginger regulates our blood sugar levels and keeps us protected from all sorts of digestive problems. Many tea lovers add ginger and a pinch of dried turmeric powder while brewing their tea but you can get an herbal tea bag containing ginger and turmeric to prepare this excellent tea which is one of the best remedies for stomach gas.

Lemon Ginger Green Tea -The medicinal properties of Ginger and Lemon has long been recognized by the science of Ayurveda in India and utilized for the treatment of various diseases. The combination of the vitamin-laden lemon and heat-inducing ginger is known to work wonders in protecting our bodies from several diseases. Tea infused with both ginger and lemon is confirmed to be the best tea to relieve stomach bloating and consequent stomach upset.

Detox Green Tea - Our body tends to accumulate harmful toxins from various sources such as food we eat, water we drink, air pollution we breathe, personal care products we use made of toxic chemicals, etc. If our body is not able to eliminate such harmful toxins on a regular basis we tend to experience physical discomfort, pain, loss of appetite, etc., and fall prey to various diseases. Full detoxification of the body by admitting oneself into a detox clinic every now and then may not always be practical because of the time and expenses involved. A simple solution to this toxin problem is to add detox green tea to your daily diet. You will not only get rid of the harmful toxic components from within your body but will find quick resolution of all your abdominal problems. Drinking green tea without sugar or milk on a regular basis will give you a slim and healthy look because a healthy stomach is the foundation of good health.

Good digestive health is essential for a healthy lifestyle and if you are someone who doesn’t love over-the-counter medication and wants to explore a route that is more natural and herbal, these teas are perfect. So start your journey to good gut health with any of these teas.

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