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Tea, More Than A Drink.

Explore a few luxurious products where tea is a prime ingredient.


Tea is a drink that is enjoyed by people from all over the world. It’s a drink that is not only enjoyed on a cool rainy evening and is known to bring people together but is known to have a variety of health and beauty benefits. What’s fascinating is even though the leaves are the most commonly used product of the tea plant are the leaves but many ingredients can be extracted from other parts of the tea plant like the bark, stem, root, or bud and used for health issues faced. In fact, these can also be used to make beauty products at home which also make perfect gifts for friends and family. Few products made with tea are being marketed as luxury items as well allowing its brand equity to amplify.

Soap made out of tea has become increasingly popular mainly because of its gorgeous smell and artistic appeal. They are also mainly handcrafted and a hamper of these is appreciated by anyone. Tea soaps are made using the cold process, are better for the environment, wonderful for your skin, and last longer. Soaps made using green tea are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which help in protecting the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and prevent premature aging. Other than green tea soap, lavender and chamomile are popular as well. Companies are also infusing tea into various beauty products because of its various beneficial properties.

This may be a way tea leaves are used to create a luxurious product but just like coffee artists also use tea to create paintings that make a beautiful adornment for your walls. Black tea can be easily manipulated to create shades from medium, light to dark shades. The best way to extract this shade which can be manipulated is to use tea bags and squeeze the extract out and add water to obtain the shade desired. If you are already an artist why not explore using a different medium or better yet why not take up painting as a hobby and use an exciting medium.

Another luxury product made with dried tea leaves is potpourri. We are all familiar with potpourri, a mixture of dried naturally fragrant plant materials that provide a gentle natural scent. When tea is added to this mixture of fragrant spices and herbs potpourri gives off a sweet-smelling scent. These can last anywhere from two months to 20 years and these are packaged in a way that retains their scent and when kept in a decorative bowl or a vase are also aesthetically appealing.

Tea Soap handmade

Though not a luxury product, tea is also used as a household cleaner and is capable of adding sparkle to all your home furnishing. If you are looking to deep clean your carpets and rugs, sprinkle some green tea powder before vacuuming them. Brewed white tea when used to wipe wooden floors and wooden furniture leaving them all shiny and good as new. Damp tea bags are perfect to clean glass and are chemical-free so they will not only leave your windows all sparkly but they won't be harmful to your skin. Though these are mainly DIY which can be done using the tea that you have purchased in a world where sustainable living it’s a perfect way to minimize waste.

As we can see tea, a favorite drink for millions of people, can be used in numerous ways. Be it for beauty or health it is a versatile product. It's uncanny that tea bags that can help you reduce puffy eyes will also make your windows sparkle. Here’s hoping we have introduced to you the various possibilities in which tea can be a luxurious product and a household cleaning staple and are ready to explore its plethora of uses.

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