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Iced English Breakfast Tea Latte

A Beverage That Keeps on Giving – The English Breakfast Tea

A traditional blend of black teas originating from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya, the English Breakfast tea is one of the most popular blended teas common in British or Irish tea culture. This black tea blend is full-bodied, robust, rich, and blended to pair well with milk and sugar and enjoyed over breakfast. It has a strong Scottish origin but over the years it has become popular as ‘” English Breakfast Tea”. Today we would like to introduce to you this famous blend and how you can try variations of the same.

Earl Grey Vs English Breakfast Tea

Both are popular blends of black tea, the difference however between the two is the aroma and flavor. Earl grey has a citrus fragrance that comes from the bergamot oil which is added to the leaves. Because of the Bergamot oil Earl grey also has a citrusy flavor. English Breakfast tea on the other hand is a blend of black teas and doesn’t have any essential oils added to it. Original Earl Grey tea was always made from black tea, but there are various, blends with green, oolong, white, and pu’erh available in the market.

English Breakfast Tea Latte

If you are someone who wishes to be conscious about your caffeine consumption tea is a better choice than coffee. Though we love a good caffeine fix with coffee, it has adverse effects on your health and may be harmful in the long run but a caffeine fix with tea is better for your health and is just as great. With coffee, there are drinks like lattes which are widely popular but the barista's latest concoction, the English Breakfast Tea Latte is gaining popularity as well. The breakfast tea blend is perfect with milk, making it the perfect blend for lattes. The latte is prepared with the classic black tea blend, the blend is made stronger which means less water and more tea so that when the milk is added the tea still retains its intense flavor. You can add ice to the same and enjoy it in the summer or if you prefer iced drinks instead. This drink is also high in caffeine making it a perfect drink to jumpstart your day.

Want to Make Your Very Own Iced English Breakfast Tea Latte? Here’s A Recipe You Can Try.

Once you try your very first English Breakfast Tea Latte you would want to keep enjoying them and you may not always have the time to visit your nearest café to get one. So let us help you out with an easy recipe that will help you get your caffeine fix every day


2 heaping teaspoons English Breakfast black tea, loose leaf (or 2 tea bags) 1/2 cup water, freshly boiled 1 teaspoon sugar 1/3 cup milk ice


Add the English Breakfast tea leaves or bags and freshly boiled water in a teapot, cover, and steep for 5 minutes. You can also use teabags.

If you are using loose leaves strain them and if you are using tea bags squeeze to extract all the flavor and remove the same. While the tea is still hot add sugar or sweetener and stir till it dissolves. Sugar dissolves easier in hot water, or it is best to add the sugar before you add the ice or go with sugar syrup.

Fill a glass with ice, leaving some room for milk. Pour in the steeped tea and top the glass with milk and stir till everything is combined. And Voila! a delicious cup of English Breakfast Tea Latte.

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